What Do People Think About Government-Paid Long-Term Care?

POSTED ON: April 11, 2023

A majority of adults are in favor of policies subsidizing some long-term healthcare costs, with support coming from both Democrats and Republicans.

What Do People Think About Government-Paid Long-Term Care?

About 50% of adults say that assistance for older adults should be funded by Medicare and Medicaid, according to an Associated Press-NORC Center poll.

MSN’s recent article entitled “Bipartisan support for policies to pay long-term care costs: Poll” says that 75% of adults surveyed say long-term care should be funded through Medicare Advantage or supplemental insurance programs. Close to two-thirds of respondents also said they’d support a government-administered insurance program, government funding for low-income people to receive long-term care at home and Social Security earnings credit or tax breaks for those providing long-term care to a senior.

Overall, 66% of respondents said they think it’s the federal government’s responsibility to make sure all people in the U.S. have health insurance coverage, with 73% of people aged 18-49 likely to support vs. 53% of those aged 50 and older.

Republican and Democratic responses were about the same, according to the poll.

About the same number of Republicans and Democrats favor nontaxable funds to pay for long-term care insurance—about 70%. The largest party difference was about the option for low-income people to receive government-funded, long-term care in their homes. Roughly 84% of Democrats supported this, compared to 55% of Republicans.

Overall public satisfaction with the U.S. healthcare system is low. Just 12% think the government is handling healthcare very or extremely well. When asked about healthcare specifics, 74% of adults said the U.S. handles prescription medication costs or mental healthcare “not too/not at all well,” and 70% said the same about mental healthcare.

The survey found that whites had a more negative view of the U.S. healthcare system compared to black and Hispanic adult respondents. When looking at healthcare for older adults, 56% of white adults think it is not too/not at all handled well, with 49% of Hispanic adults and 44% of black adults responding the same.

The poll consisted of 1,505 interviews between July 28 and August 1, with a 3.6% margin of error.

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Reference: MSN (Sep. 12, 2022) “Bipartisan support for policies to pay long-term care costs: Poll”

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