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Ted Vicknair did an outstanding job advising us and preparing our trust and estate documents under very challenging circumstances: my partner and I are both business lawyers and not married, with one of us having kids from a prior relationship. Add to that real estate that we separately own in 3 different states, residency in 2 states, multiple companies that we own individually, and 1 existing trust. Ted patiently and expertly guided us through our existing trust amendment, and created 2 new trusts for us, along with an entire new set of wills, medical powers of attorney, etc. We also very much appreciated that he’s an expert in tax law as well, being both a tax attorney (which is a separate specialty) and a CPA. So, working with Ted was like having 3 professionals in 1 advising on our estate planning. We highly recommend Ted Vicknair to any person seeking a highly qualified attorney for their trust, estate and tax needs, no matter how complicated your affairs may be. Natalie C. and Michael B., New Orleans, LA

Mr. Ted Vicknair did the Estate Planning and legal work when we were ready to disperse our property. Because we have a large family and our properties were in many locations, his work was perhaps unusually complicated. Mr. Vicknair did a great job for us and we would recommend him. Mr. Vicknair is a very patient and kind man and will help people through the difficulties of Estate Planning and Wills. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Brown, Cheneyville, LA

Ted Vicknair is a responsible, mature and knowledgeable attorney. Mr. Vicknair completes a project timely and efficiently, and I regularly refer my clients to him. Susan V. Belgard, CPA, Alexandria, LA

I would definitely recommend Mr. Vicknair as your attorney. He is very honest and patient in explaining the estate process. Mr. Vicknair took the time to come to my house to conduct business as I was unable to drive. He never pressured me into anything, and always answered my questions. Mr. Vicknair is a great knowledgeable attorney, a pleasure to work with, and has my support. Sharon Guidry Hebert, Ball, LA

I am so pleased with my decision to seek Ted as council and advice on several matters over the years. His thorough explanation of how to best resolve a legal matter really means a lot. His priority on promptly returning phone calls is so refreshing to experience these days when so few people do. I have never worked with a more attentive attorney. Ted=s approach to resolving problems seems to always reflect both common sense and broad experience. I can depend on his absolute competence and honesty in every circumstance. Robert E. Blake, Alexandria, LA

I am very pleased with the representation Ted provided for me. He was assiduous in his explanations to my vast array of concerns. I never felt rushed or that I was bothering him. Ted is truly a man of great integrity. He is a man of faith and stands for traditional American values. He is very warm, quite personable, and never condescending. Deborah Vailes, Alexandria, LA

My clients put their trust in me, and I value that trust. Ted is the only estate planning attorney that I refer my clients to. He understands the importance of following through on his promises. My clients have felt at ease when dealing with him, and I have had to call on his expertise and knowledge many times. My clients trust Ted as much as they trust me. Nick Lemoine, FICF, Ball, LA

Mr. Vicknair was a great asset when assisting me in the sale of my business. Not only was he extremely professional and knowledgeable about the legalities and tax implications, he was also very compassionate and made sure that I was taken care of emotionally and financially. i.e. he was in my corner 100%. Mrs. Gwen Desoto Tosspon, R.Ph., Pineville LA

Ted was an excellent attorney on my case. He was informative, helpful and hard working. He was prompt when he needed to be and compassionate along the way. I couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgeable and prepared attorney for a positive end to a messy situation. Lori Williams Eilts, Alexandria, LA

Yes, the estate planning process can be very complicated and stressful (without professional guidance). So, I contacted a highly recommended attorney, Ted Vicknair, Sr., to develop a plan for me. Ted explained the pros and cons of every option and allowed me ample time to make my final decision. I believe Ted is an honest guy with great integrity. Jerry W. Knapp, St. Joseph, LA

Ted helped myself and my family through the process of setting up a trust fund, establishing power of attorney and probate following the loss of my dear wife. He was very thorough and available when I needed him. He even suggested ways to save money during the process. I would highly recommend him for his integrity and professionalism. Jack Hubley & Family, Alexandria, LA

Mr. Vicknair was a complete professional in dealing with our case. He was always available to answer our questions, both before and after we used his services. I would highly recommend Mr. Vicknair to anyone needing his services. Mr. and Mrs. C Lanclos, Covington LA

I have been very pleased with the process and work product Ted has done for me personally and for many of my clients. He is very knowledgeable and professional. Mr. Randy Wiggins, Alexandria, LA

Mr. Vicknair took care of my estate planning. I was very well pleased. He explained everything to me and my family. It was done in a timely fashion. Anonymous, Covington, LA

Hello, my name is Ellzey Brown. Mr. Vicknair is one attorney I would highly recommend. He is a man of integrity and character. He helped me with my tax problem with the IRS. He worked with the IRS until my tax problem was resolved. I will always be grateful to Mr. Vicknair for a job well done. Ellzey Brown, Greensburg, LA

Ted Vicknair is both knowledgeable and responsive, and he helped to successfully complete an estate succession when other attorneys had been unable to assist us. I enjoyed working with Ted and was very pleased with the result that he achieved. Mrs. Anne Vaughan, Houston, TX

Ted’s knowledge of trust law prevented me from being taken advantage of by certain family members. I’ll be forever in his debt and grateful for his expertise. Gary Richardson, Covington, LA

We were well pleased with Mr. Vicknair’s thorough and professional job. He took the time to explain everything in detail and was very patient. Anonymous, Alexandria, LA

I don’t know what else I can say, except that Ted is #1 in my book. Mrs. Mattie Middleton, Ball, LA

This is to highly recommend Mr. Ted Vicknair for guidance and counsel in mergers and acquisitions. He did so with a very unique proposal for Merrick Const., LLC, saving tax dollars while at the same time creating amicable relations between the parties involved. His services were professional, prompt, and reasonable. Mr. Max M. Merrick, Cottonport, LA