How Do I Find a Great Elder Law Attorney?

POSTED ON: May 17, 2022

Did you know someone who is 65 today has a 70 percent chance of needing long-care treatment in the future? Even seniors who have saved up for their waning years can find it a challenge to pay for nursing home costs, especially when relying only on Medicare coverage.

How Do I Find a Great Elder Law Attorney?

Zobuz’s recent article entitled “4 Tips for Hiring a Lawyer to Help with Medicaid Planning” says you may need to turn to an attorney who can help you with Medicaid planning.

Here are some factors in choosing the best elder law attorney:

Referrals and Recommendations. Look for an elder law attorney in the Elder Law Answers database here:

Experience. Elder law attorneys specialize in legal and financial issues that affect seniors. This includes areas such as estate planning and Medicaid planning. Look for an elder law attorney who’s been successful in Medicaid planning and is board-certified in elder and special needs law.

Louisiana attorneys who are Board Certified Estate Planning and Administration Specialists can be found here:

These attorneys often, but do not always, concentrate part of their estate planning practice in Elder Law, which is a sub-specialty of estate planning devoted to enabling clients to prepare for a get qualified for long term care benefits that they don’t know that they may be entitled to.  The process can take up to 5 years, so planning ahead for most people is important.  Failure to plan ahead can me a great deal of assets used out-of-pocket.

If you are also concerned about that income or estate tax issues connected with your estate, you may also consider an attorney that is also Board Certified Tax Law Specialist.  Louisiana Board Certified Tax Law Specialists can be found here:

Fees. Be sure that you understand how fees are structured. You should get a client engagement letter that outlines the services he or she will provide, as well as the fees they charge.  Often, many attorneys who practice in Elder Law will offer a flat fee which is predictable and covers all necessary work.

Customer Service. Dealing with Medicaid planning is a process that takes time. You need an elder law attorney you can contact when you have questions.

A Few Other Thoughts…

Meet the elder law attorney in person for a consultation. This will help you to get a sense of his or her personality.

Look for a lawyer who will speak to you in a way you can understand and clarify points as needed.

Remember: if you don’t feel at ease with the attorney, look elsewhere.

When you select a qualified lawyer to help you with Medicaid planning and other medical insurance concerns, you will secure your future care.

Don’t risk your financial security or that of your family by waiting until it is too late.

BOOK A CALL with me, Ted Vicknair, Board Certified Estate Planning and Administration Specialist, Board Certified Tax Law Specialist, and CPA to learn more about estate planning, incapacity planning, and asset protection.

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Reference: Zobuz (April 22, 2022) “4 Tips for Hiring a Lawyer to Help with Medicaid Planning”

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