How Can I Live a Comfortable Life as a Senior?

POSTED ON: April 7, 2022

Recently, WHO revealed that the percentage of global citizens over 60 years will double from 12% to 22% between 2015 and 2050.

How Can I Live a Comfortable Life as a Senior?

By 2030, WHO predicts that one in every six individuals will be aged over 60 years. Intelligent Living’s recent article entitled “Elder Care 101: Lifestyle Basics for Senior Citizens to Live a Comfortable Life” says that the numbers are alarming, and what makes it complicated is the fact that there’s no typical elderly.

Many people believe that older people are either frail or dependent and burden society. Last year, 14.7 million or 28% of the older adults in the United States were reported to be living alone for this reason. They are frequently ignored and cannot maintain an active life.

A few changes in their daily lives can make a big impact. Here are some things you can do for those who are elderly in your life.

Medical Transportation. Reports say that more than 600,000 older individuals stop driving every year. That makes it more difficult for them to get around. Setting up medical transportation is a huge convenience. Medical transportation service providers arrange non-emergency medical transport for elders with just a call.

Mobility. One of the most important aspects of daily life for elderly people is moving around. If a senior cannot move around comfortably—even in their own home—it will get frustrating for them and deteriorate their quality of life. Make sure that they have access to a well-fitted wheelchair or motorized mobile chair. You should also provide a walker or crane for areas not accessible through a wheelchair. If possible, install wheelchair ramps, wide door wells and handrails around the house to make mobility hassle-free. You can even invest in mobility furniture like a hospital bed, shower chair and tripod bar. It will make getting up from the bed and taking a shower easier.

Medication. A senior is typically on several medications, so adequate medical care is a must for any elder, including doctor’s visits, dental care, eye care, foot care, physical or psychiatric therapy and more. If the elderly individual cannot take care of themselves, set up a home nursing system or a full-time nurse to assist with medications, shots of insulin and more.

Nutrition. Apart from medication and health care, a senior must have proper nutrition and a balanced diet, which helps them lead a healthy and comfortable life. Many elderly also have dietary restrictions and must follow a specific diet to stay healthy. A dietitian can determine the best diet for the elderly.

These are a few of the most basic lifestyle care changes that any elder living alone will require to lead a comfortable life. You can also hire a 24/7 caregiver, have a doctor on call and get therapy done in the home. The key is to make their day-to-day life comfortable.

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Reference: Intelligent Living (March 11, 2022) “Elder Care 101: Lifestyle Basics for Senior Citizens to Live a Comfortable Life”

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